Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poster Presentations

The AERIM REU students will soon be presenting their progress posters at Michigan State University on their research this far.

To prepare a professional research poser try following the tips below.

Rules to live by:

1.     Title must be clear from 3m away (90-150 point font bold)
2.     Layout in reading order: left to right and top down
3.     Use a different size or boldness to define column headings
4.     Use upper and lower case lettering… ALL UPPER CASE IS HARDER TO READ
5.     Avoid large paragraphs of text.
a.     Break them up into sections,
b.     short statements, or a
c.     bulleted list.
6.     Body text around 26-32 point font.
7.     Use a plain font such as Arial or Times and a dark text on a light background.
8.     Nothing below 24 size font…you can’t read it.
9.     No more than two fonts
10.  Color scheme: Complimentary, Monochromatic, or Analogous
11.  Try to use pictures with resolution of at least 300 dots per inch
12.  Graphs: Clear titled axis and ticks, no gridlines, clear plot lines, defined legend, short clear title

13.  Leave enough space between shapes for a “clean” look
14.  Use color to show importance. Bright colors in the background, soft colors on top
15.  Minimal equations, only those that are necessary
16.  Label all diagrams, drawings, graphs, and make them readable
17.  Use images to support text…

Sources and additional information can be found at the links below.


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