Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tour of GM Powertrain testing lab facilities

Yesterday the REU students got to meet with Dr. Ed Groff. Dr. Groff spent over 30 years in different capacities at General Motors (GM) working on engine and powertrain research and design, including the development of stratified charge engines. Dr. Groff discussed his career and experiences with the students, then took them on a tour of GM's powertrain testing labs at the General Motors Global Propulsion Systems facility in Pontiac. There they got to tour the engine mockup lab, engine test cells, powertrain test cells and various labs that are used to test various powertrain components. It is amazing how much testing must be done during the development of a vehicle!

One of the cool things that they got to saw and try out are special hovercraft-like pallets that GM uses to instrument and move engines for testing in the dyno. When the pallets were lifted off the ground using a layer of air, the students could easily move a 3000+ lbs system around. Images of the systems and information about them can be found at

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Thank you Dr. Groff for arranging the tour for us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 AERIM REU Project Assignments

2016 AERIM REU Project Assignments

Characterization of sheared edge for sheet materials employed in automotive industry (Dr. Golvashchenko) 
Erika Rugh - Sweet Briar Colleg
Collin Malek - Oakland University

       Edge Crack Characterization Using Digital Image Correlation for Aluminum Alloy (Dr. Yang)
Lisa Branchick - Oakland University 
Emily Duan - University of Maryland Baltimore County

        Numerical Simulation of Oil-Jet Cooling of a Flat Plate (Dr. Guessous)
Morgan Jones - Trinity University
Aaron Demers - University of Wisconsin Whitewater

      Experimental Investigation of Antiwear Film Growth (Dr. Schall)
Erik Romero - Tyler Junior College 
Colleen Fritz - University of Alabama

       Thermal Measurement of Coated Composite Panels for Insulated Structures (Dr. Schall and Dr. Kobus)
Leanna Ngo - John Brown University
Michael Goldhammer - University of Alabama

Monday, May 23, 2016

AERIM REU is happy to welcome its 2016 student researchers

The 2016 AERIM REU program officially kicked off today. As we do every year, we feel that we were successful at recruiting a wonderful and talented group of students. We can't wait to see what they will accomplish over the next few weeks!

This year's participants are:
Emily Duan - University of Maryland Baltimore County
Aaron Demers - University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Leanna Ngo - John Brown University
Morgan Jones - Trinity University
Erika Rugh - Sweet Briar College
•Erik Romero - Tyler Junior College
Colleen Fritz - The University of Alabama
Michael Goldhammer - The University of Alabama
Lisa Branchick - Oakland University
Collin Malek (not pictured) - Oakland University
Standing below Elliott Tower on a perfect mild sunny day.