Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet our students!

We are happy to welcome all the new students! They have recently received their research assignments. 

This year's students and projects include:

1. Scuffing of Aluminum Silicon Alloys
  • Maria Schueller from the University of Wisconsin Platteville
  • Measrainsey Meng from California State University
  • Jazmyne Claggett from the University of Maryland
Project Blog: 

2. Nanofluids
  • Jaime Guajardo from the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Sai Stephens from Georgia Institute of Technology
Project Blog: 

3. Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Ball-on-Disk Scuffing Tests
  • Jonathon Glover from Oakland University
  • Caleb Messmer from the University of Evansville
Project Blog: 

4. Oil Jet Cooling
  • Stephen Powell from Oakland University
  • Jan Hellmich from the University of South Alabama
  • Zachary Waldrup from Oakland University
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